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Abuse reporting tool

This site (Twitter Video Tools, TVT) welcomes requests to remove abusive video links. While most abusive video links are removed by the video owner, removed by this site operator, or removed by an abuse detection program, there may be some links that are overlooked.
Abusive video links may result in the closure of this small web community. Thank you all for your cooperation.

If you wish to remove the video itself, please contact the owner of the video. When the video itself is deleted, the video link on this site will also be automatically deleted. Only the link to the video can be removed using this page.
Requests to remove the following types of content are considered particularly serious and will be processed as quickly as possible. On average, they will be processed within 24 hours:
(1) Videos that are related to racism or child pornography.
(2) A request for removal by the subject in the video.
(3) A request from any law enforcement agency or public institution.


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